Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hi to all our faithful fans!
It has been a busy and interesting time at Hellkitty Studios and as all our schedules heat up we have passed the torch for page sales to Cadence Comics. For all future sales please visit these kind folk and they will see to your needs.
I must thank all of our lovely patrons who have been such a pleasure to work with over the past few years. I have had a blast emailing with all of you, meeting some of you at conventions and making new friends. I will be around the office helping with other Hellkitty Projects and hope all of your ventures with Cadence go smoothly. If you guys show them half the graciousness and patience you showed me they will be ecstatic to do business with you. Any last orders will be finished up here but from now on Cadence will be our main broker for page sales.
See you at the cons!
Vicky Van